Richy Roy - The ULTIMATE card shark

Do you know why you should never play cards with strangers? You’ve heard the urban legends of card cheats, hustlers, and crossroaders. Now witness one in action! This is the PERFECT addition to your casino night! Professional card manipulator Richy Roy will show you the crooked gambling tricks of the modern card sharper. From second dealing, fake shuffling, and cutting to any desired card, this trained sleight-of-hand artist will dazzle your inner gambler with unmatchable card cheating skills.

Witness these amazing feats of card cheating:

  • How to deal a perfect poker hand

  • Always win a game of Red/Black

  • The best “Bar Betcha’s” to drink for free

  • Cutting to all four aces in a deck

  • The Three Card Monte Hustle

  • Perfect Poker Protection


This unique and unforgettable show is as entertaining to non-card players as it is to gamblers. It’ll make you think twice before playing cards with someone you’ve never met!

Cost: $$$

*Inquire about additional DJ service for a true Las Vegas feel*

Mental Health Magic

Keynote Motivational Performance for Corporations

More than 50 million people in North America have some type of mental health disorder. The impact on the workplace is staggering.


Estimated lost workdays due to depression alone: 225 million days each year

National spending in the U.S. for depression: $40 billion each year

An employee's mental health status clearly impacts their daily performance, rates of illness, accidents and turnover.

More importantly, even though most corporations have programs in place to help support their employees that deal with mental health struggles, studies show that a majority of the employees that suffer do not use these programs due to the stigma of mental health illnesses and therefore take more sick days and have a decrease in their quality of workplace performance.

The Mental Health Magic keynote brings awareness to mental health issues commonly experienced by employees on a daily basis (depression, anxiety, and others). Richy Roy teaches and motivates your employees to use effective and simple methods to improve their daily mental health, which means less sick time taken, improved office moral, and better workplace performance. Utilising dynamic visuals and metaphorical illusions, your employees will leave with a long lasting, memorable, positive impact. 

Richy Roy is a known advocate for mental health awareness and author of Breaking The Silence: Our Stories of Healing and Hope. Drawing on his past experience as a paramedic for over a decade and learning from his own battle with depression, Richy Roy brings powerful changes to the people around him and continues to promote ways for people to improve their own mental health so they can live a happier and more productive life.

Cost: $$$$$

Comedy Variety Show

Audiences love the comedy and mystery Richy presents in his 60 minute show, suitable for audiences up to five hundred. Manipulations with cards, ropes, rings, and even a sword swallowing act, keep audiences on the edge of their seats. Over 1,000 performances have gone into refining this clean and professional act. It's entertainment you can trust to be a winner at your next event.

Cost: $$$$

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