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- Dream about becoming a better magician?

- Want to see your name up on the marquee?

- Regret not finishing your own original scripts?

- Wish you could work as a full time entertainer?

- Hope to connect with expert entertainers?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you need to read Maxims of a Magician.

Over 100 thought-provoking maxims of timeless advice from a working professional, focusing on the personal development of a magician. Richy Roy (author of The Wealthy Magician) reveales the unwritten rules and unspoken truths known amongst successful magicians. A perfect browsing book for motivation and mental refreshment, you can start reading at random spots or enjoy it in its entirety. Maxims is guaranteed to stimulate magicians of all kinds.


This is the type of book you want to read and let it sink in, then go back to it a year later, and go back to it every now and then. There are a lot of things he talks about that pros take for granted, things they have discovered themselves along the way. The successful magicians must have done something right to make a career from performing, and you will find a lot of their real secrets inside this book!!




"A Fantastic read with solid nuggets of gold."

     - Chris Funk the Wonderist

"Finally, a book for Magicians that offers performance experience. Save yourself 10 years of trial and error and read this book instead! Richy Roy has the ability to say what no other magic book does. His insight and knowledge on business in magic and performance tips will elevate and improve your show today. I wish someone had told me these tips back when I started in magic, a lot of years experience in one book. Well worth the read, thank you Richy"
     – Matt Gore, International Award-winning Magician

"This book is chock full of important tips on what it takes to be a performing magician and should be right next to 'Strong Magic' and all of the other books that teach real magic and not just tricks."

     - Shaun Robison the Charming Deceptionist

“The maxims in this book are a game changer. It helped me take my show to another level of professionalism. It helped me change some of my average magic tricks into creating that magical moment the audience wants. My show, my business, and my character have seen sudden improvements from implementing these maxims into my daily routines.”

     - Doug Dern, Mentalist/Magician

"Overall, the book is informative and lays out exactly what is needed to be a successful magician, lots of us have learned these through trial and error. Magicians of all levels will benefit from many of these maxims."

     – Jamie O’Brien (Magic by Jamie)

"Richy Roy has done something I hope the magic community at large will embrace. He has not only shown the path to elevating magic to its rightful place as a true art form next to dance, theater, music and painting, he has also given the rungs of the ladder to get there. For those seeking a book of tricks or slight of hand routines (there is nothing wrong with that) you may want to come back to this later. For those interested in a professional career in magic or mentalism, than this book is for you! Easy to read in small powerful statements, “Maxims of a Magician” is sure to become a classic. I especially like maxim #29 about the unprepared magician and how they look to the audience (and what to do to correct it), Maxim #52 about how to shine bright and stand out above most other performers (the mark of a true professional) and Maxim 101 about knowing the value of your performance. I hope others will feel the same that this stands with The Books of Wonder, The Fitzkee Trilogy and The Tarbell Course in Magic as one of the greatest contributions to our beloved art!"

     - Michael Finazzo, Mentalist

"Maxims is a hard book to put down. I felt like I needed to finish it all in one sitting! Very easy read, very easy to understand and has great lessons for magicians and anyone in the performing arts industry. I strongly recommend you purchase a copy ASAP!"

     - Ryan Sidloski, Magician




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"This is WELL worth the cost."

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