Manifesto for Professionals

"A really great and well written book. Really top advice and from experience I can tell you that you nailed it."

- Paul Romhany, Editor of Vanish Magazine & Grand Master of Magic 2015


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How to Become a Full-Time Professional Magician

The Business Secrets of Successful Entertainers

"If you follow the book’s advice, you will make up the cost on your very next show. If you want to be a full-time professional magician, invest in this book and read it carefully. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED" -Kent Cummins, Linking Ring Magazine

"This is truly an inspiring and eye opening book.

YOU have inspired ME to raise my prices again, as I've just raised all my prices across the board recently. But everything makes SO much sense in your book, I'm realising I'm not charging near enough for my experience. 
You've certainly put a lot of time and thought into this inspiring book.

This should be a part of every entertainers library."

- Tommy James 

   Kidabra International Performer of the Year 2010

What's Your

Price Tag?

Building an amazing magic act is only half the battle. Learn what you are truly worth and why you're not charging nearly enough for your services.

If magic is your passion and you want to take it to the next level, this is the book for you. Start living your dream as a professional entertainer by learning the strategies and tools used by leaders all around the world.

The skills and abilities gained from this book will give you the edge over your competitors and bolster your finances.

The best part is, is that your career as a full-time professional magician can be accomplished in your local area. You don't need to perform in cruise ships, casinos, or sold out theatres to make a six figure income as a magician.

You will learn:

    - What your price tag should be

    - Why you're not charging enough 

    - How to add value to your services

    - How to master social media marketing

    - The best way to negotiate higher prices

...and so much more!


Reviews of The Wealthy Magician

Magic Orthodoxy, reviewer

"Richy Roy has assembled some of the best advice to give anyone who is trying to go full time with their entertainment business. This is a book that will give you instant results, while at the same time being a resource you can return to again and again."

The Magic Portal, reviewer

"Richy Roy has provided us with a valid plan to actually make a living as a full time magician. This is not a book for amateurs (unless you would just like it on your shelf). In order for this book to benefit you, you must have a great show, a great personality and be willing to put in the time to follow his suggestions.

 If you meet the criteria for the right reader, this could be a valuable tool for you.​"

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Vanish Magic Magazine

"I have read A LOT of books about business and magic over the past 25 years and a lot of the earlier ones are outdated. Now and then one will come along that will really inspire and show you exactly how to make a living from this business. This book does EXACTLY that…

This book really does cover everything. Without a doubt one of the best books filled with advice from somebody who walks the walk."

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The Mark Leveridge Podcast

Richy Roy suggests that most of us are charging far too little for our shows and I discuss whether he is right or not 

Pod Cast 67, July 2018

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Magic Seen Issue #81

"Richy’s book is full of positive, self-affirming advice and mantras, and you end up feeling that if he can do it, working as he does in a small town in Canada, then so can you. By implementing the excellent information contained in this book you can take the next step to becoming a wealthy magician."

Magic Seen Issue #81 (July)

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Straight Talk Magic Reviews

"I am a fan of The Wealthy Magician and I believe that it is a valuable resource to entertainers that feel stuck and that are looking for a way to get to the next level. This is also a great book for magicians that are successful and don’t mind looking at what they can do better.  If every magician read this book, I believe the general public would have an increased appreciation for our art and its value."

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